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'Jim' (James) is a family name. My father's first name is Jim, his Dad's name is Jim, my brother's middle name is James, my middle name is James, and my uncle's name is James (Jamie). Their faces are around this bar in pictures or maybe a coaster.

But the logo and most of the pictures are of my maternal grandfather, James Pagliocco. He was a WW2 veteran, who fought at the Battle of the Bulge in the 44th Infantry Division. He didn't talk about the war despite my prodding, and I found out years later more about his experience and what he went through. Jim was anti-war then, and later in life, but did his duty when his country called. He came back to New Jersey and had a job as a mailman, then owned his trash route with his brother in laws, in the 70s, in Jersey.

There are plenty of stories to tell, but most importantly, my grandpa taught our family what true work ethic is and that family was the most important thing on earth. He was our rock. I like to think those things have trickled down from my parents to my young family and will continue. This bar is dedicated to him and my family, immediate and extended. I hope you have, or had, a 'Jim' in your life whether friend or family. If not, I hope you become one for others. Cheers. - Eric


At Jim's Alley Bar, we proudly dedicate 1% of our quarterly sales to support first responders and veteran charities through our "1% to charity" initiative.

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